ResCode TreeView 2.3 Released!
The most versatile TreeView VCL control ! 

Every node of rcTreeView can has its own font property! Each rcTreeNode in the rcTreeView has a real font property. you can change it both design and run time! 
A real WYSWYG powerful rcTreeView editor!
Never check your imagelist's index time and time again, just pick it up from a graphic list!
Check type support! Check Box, Grayed Check Box, Radio Button, Text Button, Number Button, Date Button and Time Button are all support now!
Inside data input support! rcTreeView can be a wonderful
data input control. if you were boring by a packed data interface, it would be you ideal choice!
Never Process data by pointer again! Each rcTreeNode is provided with three data properties, one integer and two strings, you can easily use them store your own data.
New indexing technology!
rcTreeView is more faster than a standard one, it'll make your applications a huge speed improvements, it's able to create thousands nodes dynamically within one second!
Multiple file format support! You can save it to a txt file for other compatible treeview, or load it from a txt file created by others. Of course! we have its own file format that contains all node's information! 

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A real WYSWYG powerful rcTreeView editor!
A easy uesed items editor. It will show you what your tree will be in your application. Never check your imagelist's index time and time again, just pick it up from a graphic list!
The tree comes more complex the editor comes more powerful.
You can edit and see all properties of the items.

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